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What is Master Suite?

Master Builders SA Suite is a tailored online business management tool for builders that is included FREE in your membership. We developed this tool to help our members run their business effectively and efficiently, being able to access key information in the one place, at any time, and from anywhere. The online tool has 4 platforms that our members are able to use.

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Alternatively, watch the following short demonstration videos of the system:

Click HERE to view the Introduction to the Master Builders Suite

Click HERE to view ‘Starting a Contract’ in Master Builders Suite

Click HERE to view ‘Create a template from an existing contract’ in Master Builders Suite

Click HERE to view ‘How to manage contract templates’ in Master Builders Suite

Remember this online platform is FREE to use and our friendly Membership Team are eager to help get you set up and make use of this unique tool.


Contract Builder easily creates legally compliant commercial and residential building contracts, including:

  • Domestic Building Contract for new homes
  • Domestic Building Contract for House Renovations Additions or Alterations
  • Minor Works Contract
  • Specification Contract
  • Building Schedule Contract
  • Cost Plus Project Contract
  • Commercial Building Contract
  • Subcontractor Agreement Contract

Resource Library

This area in Master Suite provides you with over 100 valuable downloads on Industrial Relations & Workplace Policies and also has ready to use templates that are customised for your working environment.

It also functions as your Quality, Safety and Environmental management systems (all document controlled), which are aligned with ISO 9001:2016 AS/NZS 4801 ISO 18001:2007 and ISO 14001:2015, including:

  • Integrated Management System (IMS) Manuals, Quality Manuals
  • Management Plans for Quality, WHS, and Environmental
  • All supporting QHSE (including policies, procedures, forms, WMS, SWMS, SOP’s & SWI’s)
Master Suite

The Master Builders SA suite is a free online business management system for all members.

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