Apprentice of the Month – November 2022

Trade: Carpentry

Stage of apprenticeship: Fourth Year

Commencement date: 23/09/2019

Expected completion date: 22/09/2023

Host Employer: Oakley Precision Carpentry

Why did you become an apprentice?
I became an apprentice because it was an easy line of work to get into and it gave me a formal qualification with skills that I could transfer in many aspects of life in the future, no matter what I decide to do.

What do you enjoy most about your apprenticeship?
I enjoy learning new skills on a daily basis, working outside and working with my hands.

Would you recommend Master Builders SA apprenticeships to others and why?
I definitely would recommend Master Builders SA to others as it is a stable work environment and a safe way to do an apprenticeship in a sometimes volatile industry, they offer security that most cannot.”