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Technical Advice

The Development and Technical Team provides advice to members on a broad range of topics, including:

  • Technical;
  • Planning;
  • Environmental matters;
  • The Development Act;
  • National Construction Code (NCC);
  • Australian Standards;
  • State and Federal Legislation;
  • New products; and
  • Current on-site practises.

Whether it is a dispute you are having with either your client or fellow colleagues, you are unsure how to interpret an Australian Standard, or you a curious about how a particular system or material works, the Development and Technical Team can assist you in finding an answer.

As construction techniques and building designs continue to develop and challenge the boundaries of modern architectural and engineering concepts, Master Builders SA remains at the cutting edge of new methods of construction and regulatory requirements with the aim of keeping members informed with regular workshops, member updates and articles in our SA Builder Magazine.

Planning Advice

Obtaining Development Planning Consent can often be a long and stressful process for members without planning experience.

Master Builders SA regularly conducts workshops to provide our members with a greater understanding of the Planning and Development process. If members wish to learn more about the planning process, attend future workshops or have a general enquiry regarding specific planning issues our Development and Technical department can assist.

Our team of consultants have proven experience in the field of building and construction Quality Assurance.

We work with you, and review your current systems and processes to identify gaps and help you to build a robust and sensible quality management system capable of integration with your WHS, Environmental and business management systems to create an integrated management system that will continuously improve and grow with your organisation.


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