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Digital H&S System and Advice

Master Builders SA has an agreement with the leading digital health and safety system, HazardCo. 

Members receive a 10% discount off all HazardCo plans for an entire year, as well as 50% off their first project.  


The HazardCo system is an end-to-end health and safety system for home builders, including:   

  • Site-specific safety plan generator – Create a site specific plan in minutes
  • Hazard board with QR code – Workers on site scan in and complete induction, so you know who is on-site at all times
  • On-site App – Workers can complete and collect SWMS, incident reports and more. All templates are kept up to date with the latest legislation.  
  • Automated contractor management – Collect insurances, proof of H&S and more
  • Unlimited H&S advice – Advice and assistance over the phone   
  • 24/7 incident support – Support throughout the incident reporting process  

Terms and conditions: Active Master Builders SA members receive 10% off HazardCo Premium and Standard plans for an entire year and 50% off their first Project. This offer is only available to new HazardCo members and can’t be used in conjunction with any other offer. 


The HazardCo system will help you to manage health and safety in the simplest way possible, so you’ll feel confident you are keeping your team and your business safe. The system is used by more than 10,000 businesses across Australia and New Zealand and is designed especially for home builders and trades. 

The system comes with all the reports and templates you need, loaded up with advice provided by experts. 


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Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS)

Safe Work Method Statements, or SWMS, are an essential tool for the assessment and management of risk relating to individual tasks. They must be developed for each process or task, and with reference to each individual site to ensure that the particular risks faced by a worker are managed appropriately and that the worker understands how those risks are managed.

They are not a “one size fits all” document.

We can work with you, and review your current systems and processes to identify gaps and help you to build a robust and sensible Safe Work Method Statements capable of integration with your WHS and Environmental Management Systems.

Our SQE Manager, has proven experience in the field of building and construction Safety and Quality Management Systems. Contact us at

All of the SWMS documentation is also available through the Resource Library on the Master Builders SA’s Master Suite.

This platform functions as your Quality, Safety and Environmental management systems (all document controlled) and aligned with ISO 9001:2016 AS/NZS 4801 ISO 18001:2007 and ISO 14001:2015, it contains:

  • Integrated Management System (IMS) Manuals, Quality Manuals
  • Management Plans for Quality, WHS, and Environmental
  • All supporting QHSE (including policies, procedures, forms, WMS, SWMS, SOP’s & SWI’s)

Understanding SWMS

SWMS are essential tools that capture a business’s understanding of the risks of each process. They must be developed for each process and each site, and must be regularly reviewed to ensure they reflect the business’s ongoing improvements.

Master Builders SA runs a half-day course to guide you through the writing of Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) in a simple and effective format.

Examples of SWMS

SWMS are technical documents that must be tailored to the individual task, business, site and process. They bring together a company’s systems, practices and resources and so cannot be simply copied from a pro forma to be both compliant and effective.

Our Safety, Quality and Environmental team has previously assisted clients with the development of their own SWMS, including:

These documents cannot be used as they are. They must be tailored to your business, its processes and the site. Master Builders SA offers a consultancy service to assist with this process.

Master Builders SA recommends members undertake our half-day course on developing Safe Work Method Statements and speak with our SQE department about additional resources available for purchase.

Building Site Signs

Site Safety Signs

To avoid fines and non-compliance you must display adequate signage at your building site before any construction work begins. There’s no reason to fork out for fines for something as simple as putting up the right signage!

While the term “adequate” can be vague, depending on the size and scope of the project, there should be a minimum of one general safety sign posted at each building, as well as additional signs at any point that could be reasonably deemed to be an entrance into the building zone.

In addition to general safety info, health and safety legislation stipulates that anyone on or near a construction site must be warned of all hazardous activities related to the project.

Any safe work site should have a clear set of rules and a designated safety manager named and contact details provided. Display site rules where they can be easily seen, in a high-traffic area.

For assistance in developing a safety program for your business, contact Mark Evans our SQE Manager at or call 8211 7466.


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