September 2023

Host Employer Comments:

Master Builders and I have been working together for 25 years and they have  provided our business with some excellent apprentices  over that time. I am proud that many of those that have completed their time with me have gone on to forge their own way in the industry.

Working closely with Doug and numerous other group training officers over the years has always been an easy process and their willingness to always help and solve issues  is vital to help keep our business running.

We are Tony and Tyler Virgo from Virgo Building Services a specialist 1st fix Carpentry crew which is a Father/Son company with over 40 years of combined experience. We do all our work with high end builders such as Lares and Medallion Homes.

Having spent so many years being fortunate to work with such quality builders it has given us the insight to make sure the job is straight, square and plumb and done absolutely the right way. We have high expectations of our apprentices and if they are willing to work and listen we give them the knowledge and know how to them set themselves on a path that by the end of their apprenticeship they are starting to look towards working for themselves which not only is beneficial to them but the industry as a whole.

Times have definitely changed and as the industry faces some uncertain times with an ageing workforce and a drop in the standard of tradespeople I hope that MBA will listen to long term employers and the challenges we and the industry face.

We need to make sure that there is a steady stream of capable and willing apprentices at affordable rates with quality education, also industry construction standards must be lifted because as it stands at the moment the amount of poorly trained apprentices and the overwhelming cost of wages is starting to outweigh the benefits of hiring apprentices through the GTO.