Building Excellence Award Winners 2023

Commercial or Industrial Building $50m to $100m

Built Environs

Project: Modbury Hospital Upgrade

There is no second chance to rectify defects in a hospital environment and so the complex works for Built Environs Modbury Hospital Upgrade were handed over defect free. As a result, this project scored very highly in the quality of internal and external finishes. An operating hospital presented an extraordinarily complex challenge in maintaining a high level of staging and communication with the client, keeping them clearly informed of the next phase of the works. The site could not have been more difficult with the builder having to ensure the areas immediately outside, but adjacent to the works, continued to operate with minimal disruption and sound transmission. Despite this large project accumulating many working hours, there were zero safety incidents. Built Environs scored highly in all assessment criteria, resulting in them emerging a clear winner in this category.

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Commercial or Industrial Building $20m to $50m

Marshall & Brougham Constructions

Project: TRYP Hotel & Office Development

Marshall & Brougham’s TRYP development consisted of a 12-storey high-end hotel and an adjoining 8-storey office block. The builder undertook extensive design co-ordination and constructability work during the design phase of the project. The project confronted difficult site access issues, encountered significant delays from utility providers and had to manage COVID restrictions. Additional FF&E was also added to the scope late in the contract which the builder approached in a collaborative manner. The internal and external standards of the project were of a high standard and any defects were completed prior to handover. The project was completed prior to the extended practical completion date and was constructed at a very competitive cost. Both the client and subcontractors praised Marshall & Brougham for their performance.

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Commercial or Industrial Building $10m to $20m

BADGE Constructions

Project: Mitchell Park Oval Redevelopment

The Mitchell Park Oval redevelopment by BADGE Constructions was a stand-out in this very competitive category. The project comprised of a number of overseas materials and specialised finishes that required an exceptional level of coordination and management, impacted by COVID delays and trade shortages. The builder faced extreme site difficulties with the contamination of ground conditions, but they navigated and overcame these setbacks in a timely and efficient manner to bring the project back into sequence and on target. The level of finishes were impressive, particularly given their complexity, including curved steelwork, aluminium fins and precast concrete works that required extra attention to detail from a very active client and architect. BADGE’s relationship with their client was exceptional and their ability to hold the Fixed Lump sum contract price agreed upon prior to COVID was an impressive undertaking.

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Commercial or Industrial Building $5m to $10m

Pascale Construction

Project: Yangarra Estate Vineyards New Cellar Door and Bottle Store

Pascale Construction has delivered an extraordinary addition to winery tourism and hospitality in South Australia. The client was delighted with the builder’s approach to the development of this building and the quality of the workmanship delivered on the project. Flawlessly burnished concrete floors with polished brass insert set the challenge. Ceramic tiles 3.6 metres by 1.6 metres dressed the walls to the entry stairs, which were scribed around treads and risers, were fixed safely and to an excellent standard. The difficulty associated with the quality installing of the rolling wave battened ceilings and external soffits is worthy of recognition. Complex internal finishes required by the client were without fault. The project was delivered in a biodynamic and organic certified environment with extremely well developed systems to manage quality, safety and environmental issues.

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Commercial or Industrial Building up to $5m

Mossop Construction + Interiors

Porject: Health Partners

Mossop Construction + Interiors have produced an exceptionally high-standard of build on the Health Partners project. The build consisted of the demolition of an existing building and the construction of a new single-storey purpose built facility to incorporate six dental suites and operations, two optical and contact consulting rooms, front of house reception and member’s area and an optical retail space. The back of house facilities included a staff breakout space, locker room, amenities, shower and change room. The internal and external finishes were impossible to fault with meticulous attention to detail both internally and externally. Site supervision was clearly focused on getting the detailing right. The internal trades on this project were a stand-out, all wall panelling was aligned, gapped and installed perfectly. This build is a true testament to Mossop Construction + Interior’s capabilities and they are a deserving winner of this Award.

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Commercial Fit-Out over $5m

SHAPE Australia

Project: MinterEllison Office Fit-Out

The MinterEllison fit-out over three floors was extraordinary complex for SHAPE Australia. A feature staircase required the builder to work closely with the client in managing staff locations and staging of the building works. The imported acoustic ceiling system had a long lead time and was shop-drawn and manufactured to the architects’ requirements, concurrent with set out and construction of the curved bulkheads and wall framing. The provision of furniture fittings and equipment, including 54 custom joinery types within the contract provided significant challenges. Adding to the complexity, SHAPE was required to integrate its work with two other adjacent building contracts running concurrently. SHAPE Australia maintained excellent relations with the client and consultants through this arduous but excellently finished project.

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Commercial Fit-Out up to $5m

SHAPE Australia

Project: Arup Office Fit-Out

SHAPE Australia took on a project that was cutting edge in South Australia and well outside the experience of the company. The client’s decision to take the Living Building Challenge on this project, to reflect their values in sustainable construction, provided extraordinary challenges to the builder and their team. The brief required that the project maximise the use of existing and reused materials, and to only use materials outside the “Red List” determined by the Living Future Institute. Low VOC paints and FSC certified timbers were required. The effort required by SHAPE Australia to find, assess and deliver these compliant materials and produce an excellently finished fit-out with almost overwhelming restraints deserves recognition. The project was delivered with a detailed focus on safety by the project team to the complete satisfaction of the consultant team and the client.

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Commercial Refurbishment or Redevelopment over $5m

Hindmarsh Construction Australia

Project: 25 Grenfell Street

Hindmarsh Construction Australia’s meticulous approach to the Grenfell Tower Recladding project in Adelaide’s Central Business District is evident. The project, involving the replacement of cladding on the façade of a 26-storey building known as the “Black Stump,” was extraordinary in terms of methodology and execution. The challenge of replacing all aluminium composite panels with non-combustible solid aluminium panels was met with strategic planning and precision. One of the most significant considerations for this project was maintaining the iconic colour of the “Black Stump.” The builder’s commitment to preserving the building’s aesthetic is clearly demonstrated through their efforts to match the new solid aluminium panels’ colour with the existing composite panels. The difficulty of working on a site where the building had to remain fully functional in a live environment cannot be understated. Ensuring minimal disruption to tenants and visitors while undertaking significant façade replacement works is a complex task that requires expertise and meticulous planning. Strong client and contractor relationships were also evident. Hindmarsh Construction Australia are well deserving of this win.

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Commercial Refurbishment or Redevelopment up to $5m


Project: Unley Oval Community Hub

The Unley Oval Community Hub by Kennett was finished to an exceptional standard with internal and external works of the highest quality. The project boasted 7-degree angled glazing façade with never before done angled auto sliding windows. The existing roof was kept on until the new 1st floor slab was poured to mitigate risk of damage to finished areas below. The builder faced considerable site difficulties, having to demolish portions of the grandstand, to then build four new levels within the same space. The value for money on this project is commendable, particularly considering the level of equipment needed and the high standards of finishes achieved. Well done Kennett.

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Project: The Adelphi

Judges could not fault the workmanship internally and externally on ‘The Adelphi’ apartments by Kennett, including the buildings investment in its street appeal, capitalising on the magnificent views of Glenelg North. As a waterfront property in a prominent location, the external finish was paramount and Kennett did not disappoint. All elements of this building have been thoughtfully considered reflecting excellent attention to detail including selection of finishes , floor to ceiling windows, high ceilings, generous room sizes and shared areas. It was very obvious that the relationship between the team of architects, builder and client were strong and successful to the end. Kennett should be proud of its achievements with the construction of this project and are deserving winners of this award.

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Built Environs

Project: Golden Grove Park ‘n’ Ride

Golden Grove Park ‘n’ Ride by Built Environs was a meticulously planned, outstanding civil project. Presented to Built Environs in a raw format, the builder worked closely with DIT to identify strategies to construct the project to minimise the impact on the local environment, local infrastructure and to residents, and to enhance facilities for the local school. In addition to the car park facility itself, the development included the creation of a new four-way signalised intersection on the adjacent The Grove Way, a new access road surrounding the car park, a new entrance to the carpark of the adjacent hockey club and a roundabout to improve circulation and connection with the private road owned by the adjacent aged care facility. Through streamlined construction techniques and careful planning, Built Environs made considerable cost savings, that provided the opportunity to implement further improved facilities for the local community.

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Retirement Living / Aged Care

Schiavello Construction (SA)

Project: RSL Care Romani

RSL Care Romani by Schiavello Construction showcases a remarkable blend of creativity, innovation, and commitment to quality. The meticulous attention to detail in the creation of a unique brick, reflective of the Battle of Romani, is truly impressive and demonstrates an extraordinary level of dedication to honoring the theme of the Residential Aged Care Home. The builder’s approach on trade engagement, choosing an apprentice every 104 days of construction, is a brilliant idea that not only encourages quality work but also rewards safety demonstration and a commitment to fostering talent and promoting safe practices. The project was delivered with zero safety incidents reflecting the builder’s dedication to maintaining the highest standards of safety on site. This project showcases an exceptional blend of creativity, attention to detail, and dedication to quality and safety. It sets a high bar for future projects and is a clear winner of this Master Builders award.

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