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SA Builder Magazine is a quarterly publication produced by Master Builders SA which gives the latest information and news from our organisation and industry stakeholders.

Winter 2022

In this Edition:

  • Adelaide’s most beautiful wall
  • Is it time to do a financial inspection on your business?

Autumn 2022

In this Edition:

  • Election Special
  • Master Builders SA’s election policies
  • Meet Master Builders SA’s new council members

Summer 2021

In this Edition:

  • The importance of light and space in a custom home design 
  • Making a splash with Elite Pools and Landscapes

Spring 2021

In this Edition:

  • Top tips for creating your dream kitchen 
  • Adelaide’s impressive builds
  • Pandemic planning

Winter 2021

In this Edition:

  • PointData Benefits
  • Five tile trends to watch in 2021
  • From Apprentice to Uni Lecturer, meet Anna Longford

Autumn 2021

In this Edition:

  • Award Winning timeless style
  • Strong advocacy = strong building = strong economy
  • Planning reform or chaotic deform?

Summer 2020

In this Edition:

  • Keeping building strong in a post-HomeBuilder world
  • The Fearless Crusader: Hon Frank Pangallo MLC interview
  • How to boost construction apprenticeship numbers

Spring 2020

In this Edition:

  • Laying the foundations of recovery with Home Builder
  • JobTrainer skills package for economic recovery and growth
  • SQU Safety Focus WHS initiative: Respiratory Protective Equipment

Winter 2020

In this Edition:

  • How building will drive SA’s economic recovery
  • Planning Reforms: What you need to know
  • Temporary changes to insolvency laws
  • Meet our oldest member turning 100 – Contracting Site Solutions

Autumn 2020

In this Edition:

  • Partek: Keeping Northpoint Operational
  • $500m Affordable Housing Strategy
  • Embrace Your Inner Designer
  • Home Battery Scheme

Summer 2019

In this Edition:

  • Sarah Constructions, Builder of the Year
  • Kookaburra Homes, Building Strong Communities
  • Energy Efficiency Changes

Spring 2019

In this Edition:

  • Alan Sheppard Constructions, Residential Builder 2019
  • Latest Industry Forecast
  • Housing Stimulus
  • Val Fuda: Young Master Builder of the Year

Winter 2019

In this Edition:

  • Building Dreams with Finesse Built & Little Heroes
  • Stephan Knoll Interview
  • Lessons Learnt: Lacross Towers Fire
  • What To Do When The Union Comes Knocking

Autumn 2019

In this Edition:

  • Kennett’s Music Suite at Cabra Dominican College

Summer 2018

In this Edition:

  • Mossop Construction + Interiors Ikon Projects
  • Make Housing Great Again: Our five point plan

Spring 2018

In this Edition:

  • Productivity Commission: Steven Marshall’s plan to slash red tape
  • Building Dreams for SA’s most deserving kids

Winter 2018

In this Edition:

  • 20,800 new apprenticeships & traineeships
  • Body to oversee infrastructure planning & investment

Autumn 2018

In this Edition:

  • Election 2018: South Australia Decides

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