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Building Excellence Awards / Award Categories Criteria

2021 Categories, Criteria & Relevant Forms

It’s important when entering the Awards that you check your projects against the specific criteria. This criteria will assist you in compiling your submissions as they outline what your entry will be judged on. Below you can download the specific criteria which relates to certain category numbers.


COMMERCIAL   I    This criteria relates to category’s 1-14 and 19 

CONTRACT HOME   I    This criteria relates to category’s 20 and 27-32 

DISPLAY HOME   I    This criteria relates to category’s 23-26

RENOVATION/ADDITION   I    This criteria relates to category’s 33-37

WORK, HEALTH & SAFETY   I    This criteria relates to category 42

SUPPORTING LOCAL INDUSTRY   I   This criteria relates to category 41

HERITAGE   I    This criteria relates to category 40

MEDIUM DENSITY   I   This criteria relates to category’s 21 & 22

ENVIRONMENTAL/SUSTAINABLE – RESIDENTIAL  I   This criteria relates to category 38 

ENVIRONMENTAL/SUSTAINABLE – COMMERCIAL  I   This criteria relates to category 39

HIVIZ OUTSTANDING WOMAN IN CONSTRUCTION   I    This criteria relates to category 44  

SPECIALIST CONTRACTOR  I  This criteria relates to category’s 15-18 

YOUNG BUILDER   I   This criteria relates to category 43

MAJOR AWARDS   I   This criteria relates to category’s 47, 48 & 49


Each entry requires one statutory declaration and one authority form. Below you will find these forms that can be downloaded and filled out as per the submission guidelines.

Statutory Declaration

Authority Forms:

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